Ukulele Play Along


In this DVD you can put your ukulele skills into action. The chord names are shown clearly on the screen while Ralph performs 26 songs just for you. Ralph’s fun loving energy combined with his evident musical ability will benefit your playing by showing you how to:

– Keep strumming on key and in time
– Use different ukulele rhythms in ‘real life’ playing situations
– Build your confidence to play with other people
– Develop your sense of performance
– Increase your repertoire of musical styles

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Suitable for ALL levels of ability Ralph has songs using as few as 2 chords to as many as 11 chords. Categories of song include:
1)Simple Strum Alongs (The More We Get Together, Cockles and Mussels, Aloha Oe and more…)
2)Classic Strumming Oldies (On Moonlight Bay, The Black Velvet Band, Yes Sir That’s My Baby, Shine On Harvest Moon and more…)
3)Winter Holiday Strum Along (Joy to the World, Silent Night, Donner the Yodelling Reindeer, Jingle Bells and more…)
4)Songs for Children (This Old Man, Twinkle Twinkle medley, The Cat Came Back and more…)
5)Something New (Manikin Man, Doggy Language, Be My Lover and more…)

Suitable for any ukulele tuning even though Ralph plays in the GCEA tuning ADF#B, DGBE can also be used with this dvd.


This DVD is the one I’ve been waiting for! I have just received Ralph Shaw’s new Ukulele Playalong DVD (2 days ago) and I find it is the perfect way to finally really play. Ralph Shaw’s instructional DVDs provide an excellent grounding in learning all the necessary skills on the uke but this dvd allows me to practise.   I want to sing some songs at an open mic night in a local coffee house and until now I have not had the confidence to get up in front of people. By playing along with this DVD I have made more progress in the last 2 days than in the last 2 months. Ralph Shaw demonstrates how much fun it is to play. By feeling relaxed this helps me to keep strumming all the way to the end of every song.   The chord changes are shown right on the screen and playing along with him is a delight. He really knows how to put across a song and watching Shaw in action is an education in itself.   After playing along with the songs on this DVD I just know I will be able to tackle my other songs with a renewed ability and sense of music.  I think my coffee house gig could be happening sooner than expected!  P. McIlroy, Georgia, USA

I got this DVD because I liked the price and also what I had heard of Shaw’s reputation as an inspirational ukulele teacher. It is easy to see from this vid how he got that reputation. His presentation style is easygoing and friendly and he plays in a way that is at the same time both musically interesting and accessible to even the novice player.   I should warn you that he uses some techniques and strums that are so cool you will soon be buying his other dvds to find out how to do them.  And one more thing. If you are an adult don’t skip over the children’s section of this dvd. The section on playing music for kids is one of the coolest things he does.  Highly Recommended  J. Spencer, Hertfordshire, U.K.

I have been playing ukulele for almost a year and have felt somewhat handicapped because I never seem to have been able to make it all the way through a song without stopping. Ukulele Play Along with Ralph Shaw gives me the chance I have looked for to play music with another person even though my shyness and busy schedule prevent me from getting together with other people on a regular basis. Thanks to this dvd I now have a sense of what it takes to play music. I can keep the strumming and chord changes happening from beginning to end and boy is it fun.  Netty Lineham, NY USA