The Complete Ukulele Course


After studying the ukulele for 12 years Ralph put everything he learned into this one 90 minute DVD.
– Beginners uke – includes tuning, strumming & basic chords
– How to use ‘ornament’ notes
– Play chords up the neck
– How to play 4/4, 3/4 and jig time and develop right-hand techniques such as the syncopated ‘split stroke’ as used by George Formby
– How to play Rolls and Triplets
– The basics of melody chording and more!

Note – prices are in US dollars




This updated version includes a Chord Chart plus bonus playing tips and a section on improving your public performance. Teaching style is friendly and engaging. You’ll return to this DVD again and again as your playing continues to improve.


Your DVD is by far the best instructional DVD out there. I bought them all.  Thank you, Don B., California

Hi Ralph, I`ve recently bought both adult and kids complete ukulele course on dvd, me and the kids love them…..P.S keep up the good work, the dvd course`s are superb.  P. Evans, United Kingdom

Ralph, I wanted to write to say thanks for the Ukelele DVD course you put together. Excellent – it made complete sense and has given me the ability and enthusiasm to get to the next stage as a novice.
Thanks again – very enjoyable.  K. Cotterill, USA

I have purchased various ukulele courses and I have found yours to be the most complete and informative course, and yours is the only one on CD-Rom which is really convenient. I just recently became interested in playing the ukulele and most of the teaching material that I researched on the web is limited to raw beginners. The more advanced courses were long on being a showcase of how well they could play and short on actual instructions.
I really enjoy your ukulele style as well as your relaxed, lighthearted teaching methods.  R. Bernard. California

For those who have watched George Formby’s Let George Do It and wondered just how George did do it, here’s a video course for you. In under an hour, Ralph Shaw gives you enough information to keep you busy for months. He starts with the basics – tuning the instrument, identifying the parts of the uke, making a C chord – and quickly moves on to rhythms, tremolo, accent strokes and more advanced techniques. In fact Shaw moves so quickly you’ll be pressing the pause and rewind buttons constantly. But any way you look at it there’s abundant instruction here for your money.
Shaw is obviously influenced by Formby and uses vaudeville techniques in his own playing, so plenty of right-hand skills are covered, including split strokes, rolls and “ornament” notes. He illustrates his lessons with a few traditional songs, and offers many tips that can enhance any tune. This is the best instruction video we’ve seen yet… – J. Verlinde, Seattle WA

I just wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the amount of useful material Ralph has managed to squeeze into a one-hour presentation. It bears working through many times to learn all there is to learn on this tape. Highly recommended!  G. Costanzo, Canada

We love your video! It’s awesome! There is so much material packed in just one hour.  J & S Lisicich. Seattle

I’ve just received your video and have to congratulate you…it’s packed with concise information and I thank you. I’m an ex-pat Brit entertainer and have lived in Australia for many years – now retired. I played uke for a long time in my act but I was self-taught and picked up lots of bad habits so now I have the time to start over and with the help of your video I shall (hopefully) be playing properly before too long.  Again,thanks  Larry B. – Australia

We just received our mail order for the Complete Ukulele Course. It is even better than I hoped. You are an interesting looking and entertaining person, and a truly gifted instructor. We were able to follow along with our ukes up to about the halfway point. It was a surprise to us how good we sounded after just a short time. We enjoyed the rest, but we will need to practice up before we are ready to keep up with our ukes. Everything you said and did moved along to a higher level without any wasted activity. You did not neglect the strumming hand, something we can’t really get the sense of from a book, like we can with chord charts. You followed up theory with practical demonstration of each point. You are also kind and supportive in your perspective on musicianship.
anonymous fan

Just wanted to let you know that the DVD, and you ROCK! I ordered your complete Ukulele course on DVD and I must say how blown away I was. I mean 40 minutes into the video and you are showing strumming techniques used by George Formby; and you my friend can definitely do Formby! I saw the need to watch the various scenes over and over and over and over again. That DVD is one packed disc! At only around $30, it is an absolute bargain!
Scott P. – Columbia, Tennessee

Just droppin you a line to say thanks, your DVD is the best tool I’ve come across to make me a better player. Thanks again, Joe in CT.