Table For Two


Released 2002 This second album from Ralph Shaw truly sparkles. A collection of songs from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s era mingled with inspired originals. This album has become an international favourite.

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Produced by Geoff Gibbons. Recorded at The Roots Cellar. Run time 55 minutes.

Ralph Shaw – Vocals, ukuleles, banjo, whistling, chromatic harmonica, Chris Nordquist – Drums, Tim Stacey – bass, Gerry Teahan – piano, Ken Hatch – Trumpet, Douglas Schmidt – Accordion, Linda Kidder – backing vocals, Jacquie Morgan – Backing vocal, Mike Norman – saxophone, Geoff Gibbons – guitars, mandolin, backing vocals, keyboard programming.

1. Every Night About This Time 2. Be My Lover 3. I Just Wish I Was In Love 4. Manikin Man 5. Cocktails For Two 6. Skylark 7. Lullaby of the Leaves 8. Electricity 9. We Three 10. The Burglar 11. I Like Bananas (Because They Have No Bones) 12. La Mer 13. My Blue Heaven 14. The Frog Song 15. Letters of Love

We think there are many programming opportunities for this CD. It’s a terrific record… — DIANNE COLLINS, CBC RADIO MUSIC RESOURCES

Ralph Shaw is a very talented and charming songwriter and performer, with witty originals (as displayed in “Letters of Love”) and romantic standards “La Mer.” The CD also rewards a thorough and close listening with a thematic thread through the album

As producer Geoff Gibbons is responsible for the great sound of this CD. Mr Gibbons has a knack for finding musicians and arrangements that perfectly suit the mood of each song.