A collection of songs about every aspect of Love. Looking for love, finding love, the exultation of falling in love, lost love, the comfort of a long term relationship and the transcendence of eternal togetherness.

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togetherness.Released 2013

Produced by multi-award winner Steve Dawson.
Featuring Ralph Shaw – vocals, ukuleles, harmonica, Steve Dawson – Guitars, Rob Becker – bass, Chris Gestrin – piano & keyboards, James Hill – violin, Anne Davison – cello, Bria Skonberg – trumpet, Christa Couture – backing vocals.

Includes the songs Fair Kathryn, The One Thing You Can Count On is Love, Golden Plover, Avalon, Fàce à Fàce, Movie Stars, High Rollers and Big Shakers, A Song to Bring Back Something Which Is Lost, I Never Get the Blues, I Love You Truly, The One Thing (Reprise), The Way I Feel for You.