This album of modern day novelty songs covers subjects as diverse as conversing with dogs, the childhood friend who became handyman at the Mustang Ranch (Nevada’s famous legalized brothel), the building of a ukulele case, the British vicar who got his legs waxed for charity, the art of learning to yodel and more moments from my unusual life as Canada’s “King of the Ukulele”. Released 2013

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Produced by multi-award winner Steve Dawson.
Featuring Ralph Shaw – vocals, ukuleles, harmonicas, Steve Dawson – guitars, Rob Becker – bass, Chris Gestrin – keyboards, CR Avery – beatbox + harmonica, Keegan Chen – vocals, harmonica.
Includes the songs Father David, How to Build a Ukulele Case, Greek Menu, A Nice Cup of Tea, I’m the Handy Man at the Mustang Ranch, Everything is Free, Bird Lover, Doggy Language, My Yodel Teacher Told Me, Meine Kleine Munchkin, My Dog Rover.