Birds of a Feather: UnPlucked


Birds of a Feather are the finest 3–piece band of chidren’s entertainers that you probably never heard of. They took off  from the west coast in 1988 and performed their delightfully infectious music until the mid-90s when the trio flew off on solo projects.

Trish Miller (vocals) followed a career as a librarian. Fred Faulkes (Guitar/vocals/songwriter) became a scholar & writer. Ralph Shaw (vocals/harmonica/banjo) went on to become Canada’s world famous King of the Ukulele!

Produced by Paul Gitlitz (Charlotte Diamond’s producer)

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Recorded in 1992 it was originally released on cassette tape. When Birds of a Feather went their own ways the album was never made into a CD…UNTIL NOW.

This long hidden gem will be sure to accompany the sweetest times that you and your family spend together. From the opening welcome of Knock Knock the music takes you on an exquisitely produced journey through a magical day.

  1. Knock! Knock! / How Many Miles 4:00 (Faulkes/Davidson)
  2. What a Great Kid You Are  2:06 (Faulkes)
  3. Down By the Bay  1:28 (Trad)
  4. Movin’ Day  3:59 (Faulkes)
  5. My Favourite Things 2:40 (Rogers & Hammerstein)
  6. Green Gravel  2:18 (Trad/Faulkes)
  7. This Old Man  4:45 (Trad/BOAF)
  8. Si Mon Moine  2:24 (Trad)
  9. Wee Willy Winky  2:40 (Trad)
  10. Dingle Dangle Scarecrow  4:04 (Faulkes/Trad)
  11. Lavender’s Blue  3:00 (Faulkes/Trad)
  12. The Galaxy Song  2:58 (Idle)
  13. Ho Ho Watanay  1:38 (Trad. Mohawk)
  14. Stars Come Out  3:16 (Faulkes)

Total Length = 42:04

The songs are at once energetic, uplifting, thoughtful and mood inspiring. The album slowly winds to a close with lullabies to accompany the spreading dusk. Just like the ending to a perfect day.