The Art of Ukulele

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These specially selected pieces from Ralph Shaw’s internationally popular Ukulele Entertainer newsletter will help you become a better player and develop a finer understanding of performance—plus gain insights into what makes a performer tick. Learn the basics and “insider secrets,” including how to

  • Make your strumming more varied and interesting
  • Improve your ability to play by ear
  • Play a song in any key
  • Sing in tune with resonance and strong breath control
  • Develop practice techniques that work for you
  • Banish your stage fright
  • Perform with passion and energy
  • Jam with others or lead a successful singalong

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The Art of Ukulele is more than a simple how-to book. Ralph Shaw, one of the ukulele community’s most respected players, shares his personal experience and provides a unique view into the development of playing styles, stagecraft and even inspiration. He includes wisdom gleaned from current and past musical stars such as Bill Tapia, the Beatles, J. Chalmers Doane, Tiny Tim and Paul Casper, a modern-day George Formby impersonator. All in one concise, handy-sized volume—ideal for quick reference.