Ralph Shaw, King of the Ukulele and musical entertainer!

Welcome to my website. I’ve been an entertainer all my working life for all kinds of audiences. And the common thread through it all has been the presence of a ukulele (or three!) This instrument brings together so many people in ways that nothing else can.

I adopted the ironic self-title “King of the Ukulele” in 1997 when the ukulele was a more-or-less unknown instrument for most people. It helped my career by delivering bookings and media attention. But now that ukulele is a household word and everyone knows someone who plays one, the title “King of the Ukulele” is all but meaningless. However it sounds less dull than words like ”Entertainer” or “ Musician” so for now I’m leaving it for the time being…

I look forward to entertaining you one day and meantime I hope my DVDs, CDs and Books help you along your own musical path.


“Very enjoyable…his performance reminded me of the music my family and I listened to when I was young.”

Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, Brother of King Charles III

The Art of Ukulele

The Art of Ukulele is more than a simple how-to book. In it I share my personal experience and provide a unique view into the development of playing styles, stagecraft and even inspiration.

Also included is wisdom gleaned from current and past musical stars such as Bill Tapia, the Beatles, J. Chalmers Doane, Tiny Tim and Paul Casper, a modern-day George Formby impersonator. All in one concise, handy-sized volume—ideal for quick reference.

Learn how to

  • Make your strumming more varied and interesting
  • Improve your ability to play by ear
  • Play a song in any key
  • Sing in tune with resonance and strong breath control
  • Develop practice techniques that work for you
  • Banish your stage fright
  • Perform with passion and energy
  • Jam with others or lead a successful singalong
The Art Of Ukulele Cover
CDs, DVDs, Books - covers

The Ralph Shaw Micro MegaStore!

Unlike other “megastores”, this one only has stuff that you need.

  • Incredibly popular and acclaimed instructional DVDs
  • A highly praised catalogue of CDs
  • Books filled with useful tips and ideas compiled from the internationally famous newsletter

The Multimedia Experience

Ralph Shaw in performance


Amazing moving pictures of popular performances from years past!

Ear trumpet


Samples of my music. Close your eyes and float away into a nicer world of warmth and humour…

Ralph Performing


A gallery of images from my years of performing for everyone from unfamous to famous people!

“Funny, smart, and captivating…Ralph Shaw is the consummate performer.”

Eileen Power, Producer, CBC Radio

“…Positively lilting…the man is a ukulele god.”

John P. McLaughlin, The Province Newspaper

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