Ralph Shaw Portrait - Video

“Ralph is a top-notch entertainer… Those who have never seen him are simply amazed by his humor and talent. He has a terrific voice able to leap octaves effortlessly and is able to fill a large hall without amplification. Dressed to the nines he captivates the audience with very human stories and songs he has written. He charms and enchants us and makes us laugh—very hard. It is as if the song was meant only for us, a private joke only we in that audience would understand. Each year he astonishes us and there appears to be no limits to his imagination and talent.”

Marianne Brogan, Festival Director, Portland Ukulele Festival, USA

How to Build a Ukulele Case

Whether it’s the making of a North American birch bark canoe or a Peruvian water jug, all cultural traditions have created “How to” songs with which they remember crucial knowledge. These DIY ditties were used to pass on information by word of mouth. From his album Laughter this is Ralph’s contribution to the genre. Enjoy the song then go build a case!

Viva Las Vegas

Wonderful ensemble performance filmed during the Portland Ukulele Festival. Includes Ralph Shaw with Michelle Kiba, Del Rey, Piper Heisig and Aaron Keim.

Trudeau Gonna Show You a Better Way

After the 2015 Canadian election I noticed a thrill of hope in the eyes and voices of Canadians when talking about our new prime minister, Justin Trudeau. I listened to all that was being said and aimed to capture their feelings in this song. Hope you enjoy it.

Doggy Language

From the album Laughter. According to scientists our ability to communicate to the animals will be here sooner than you think. Performed at Rogue Folk Club, Vancouver, 2013

Song for Father David

A  true story from my home village in South Yorkshire

Performance Pieces

A melange of tantalizing song morsels from the Laughter album. Song snippets include: Mustang Ranch (uke solo), some of Movie Stars High Rollers and Big Shakers, a bit of Bird Lover, A Nice Cup of Tea (rap section.) Concert filmed in Vancouver 2013.

Fanlight Fanny

Originally a hit for George Formby and one I recorded on my “By George!” CD.