Ralph Shaw, Ukulele

"I had 'heard about' Ralph Shaw but never had the experience til last night. You are more than a performer and entertainer - you are a powerful force onstage, celebrating all that is good and delightful and human - we are caught up and swept along in your enthusiastic celebration. Thank you for sharing your fun and your wonderful musicianship - you are a gift on the planet!" Joey Minshall, West Coast Sings

In the Media:
I made front page of the Vancouver Courier! Here's the article and pictures.

Paul Leslie of TAIT Radio has interviewed Woody Allen, Gene Wilder and Willie Nelson. Now he can add Ralph Shaw to the list! hear or read Ralph's interview with Paul Leslie.
I'm also mentioned in an online article put out by Musician's Friend: Four Strings of Happiness.

Ralph Shaw is a witty raconteur with an infectious joy of performing; a showman with a vintage banjo-ukulele; a gifted songwriter who's tender and comical songs are so deceptively sophisticated they appeal to every listener. With a style inspired by the Vaudeville and Music Hall era Ralph thrills his audiences with music and laughter. His work, including five solo albums, four DVDs and a book, has played a crucial role in creating the current ukulele boom. Ralph performs at international festivals and intimate local shows such as his now legendary Vancouver Ukulele Circle: a get-together of 150+ ukulele strummers.

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Sithee with Aloha!
Ralph Shaw

"Ukulele King Ralph Shaw offered the most radical makeover of the night, showing us what George Formby might have done with "London Calling" and "Hateful". I'll state here and now that I'd pay to hear him do the entire album this way — it was magnificent." Adrian Mack, Georgia Straight

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